If You Like<BR>David Baldacci<BR>You'll Love this<BR>Book by Florida<BR>Author Dave Zook

"This is a conspiracy like no other" "Suspenseful" "After reading Rising Sons, you have to wonder who you can trust" "Couldn't put it down" These are but a few of the comments from the readers of Rising Sons. It is a suspenseful novel as current as...perhaps...tomorrow's headlines. An organization founded at the close of World War II and long thought to be extinct, is still alive. What would happen if they found a way to accomplish the world dominant dreams of their fathers? How would they do it? And, how could the possibly be stopped if they did? Rising Sons is a unique mystery-thriller. It vaults a Maryland police lieutenant investigating a seemingly ordinary incident into a world he could never have imagined. The path he must follow to solve the case leads him to places that no ordinary citizen has ever ventured...or would want to. It will make you question what you thought you so well knew.

Rising Sons-Paperback
Florida Author
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